Additional Information on Each Procedure


Permanent cosmetics is not an exact science, in fact, each and every person is different and requires me to take the upmost care listening and evaluating your specific wants and needs. In short, every procedure is one of a kind, specialized, and inidividulized work. I take great pride in my art, and put every effort into making your experience one of a kind!

With that said, there are some steps that every client will experience as we walk through the cosmetic process.


All clients (with consent) will have a medical grade numbing cream applied to the area of focus. This cream typically sits for a minimum of 30min on the area, before I start working. It is my greatest effort to keep my clients comfortable and pain free as much as I can.


After the procedure begins I will then apply a 2nd numbing cream to keep you comfortable throughout the entire process! This cream typically is a different mixture of anesthetics than the initial  one, but made to last the duration of the procedure.



Before I begin work on your brows, we will decided the shape and thickness together. I do this by using a brow pencil that I can draw directly on your skin so you can see and approve what you like. Once we are in agreement on shape and color choice we can begin.


Once I begin my work on your brows I will use a one time use, sterile microblading tool. My tools of choice are always the industries highest and best brands. Currently, I love Tina Davies microblades and Softap microblades. Depending on your brows and the shape you are seeking I will decided which tool is to be used for the best outcome.


Eye liner

Eye liner is fairly strait forward, but can be one of the more frightening procedures to think about. I can assure you the process of lining eyes is safe, with minimal pain during the procedure. After anesthetics have been applied and color has been picked out, I use a softap hand tool or a rotary machine to gently implant pigment at the eyelash line. I never go under the eyelash line, but work on top.



The lip procedure can take a little longer than brows and eye liner depending on the size of your lips. Again, anesthetics go on your lips prior to starting and during the process. First, together we will outline your lips in the shape that is appealing to you. Once that is done I will begin the process of lining your lips with a rotary machine using a 1 time use sterilized needle. Once the basic outline is done I will then start shading the inner part of your lips. This is the part that can take some time depending on the size of your lips.


Please remember that permanent cosmetics takes time and care to be done well and correctly. Most initial procedures will take anywhere from 2-2 ½ hours with the possibility of going longer depending on the procedure. Touch ups are generally much shorter in time and can be expected with every cosmetic procedure 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment.