Post Procedure

It is very important to follow post care instructions!

Things to note for all procedures:
- Minor swelling and redness, mild tenderness.
- Itchiness in and around the treatment area.
- Dry flaking skin (due to scabbing).
These symptoms are a normal part of the healing process and happens with all permanent procedures

Please note your color for all procedures will be more striking and sharply defined for 10 to 14 days after treatment but as the healing process occurs the color will thin, soften and lighten up to 60%.

The approximate healing period is 14 days, however healing can be prolonged if your immune system is compromised, or you have oily/dry skin.

In many cases, some loss of color is to be expected. If this is the case a touch up visit can be scheduled allowing me to fine tune your enhancement.



-Keep your procedure OUT of the sun and away from tanning beds (this will literally suck the newly implanted color right out)

-It is recommended that you use an antibacterial soap to gently cleanse the brow area for the first 7 days morning and night. Pat brows dry with a clean cloth and let air dry.
- Apply a healing balm or non fragrance moisturizer 2 times a day right after cleaning. Apply with a clean fingertip or q-tip.

-About 3-days post treatment your eye brows may start flaking and itching. Itching is normal. Please DO NOT PICK, PEEL OR RUB the treated area as the color may heal unevenly. Allow the color to flake naturally.
- Do not undergo any skincare or beauty treatments until brows are completely healed. This can take up to 2 weeks.
- No make-up should be applied close to your procedure during this time.



-Keep your procedure out of the sun and away from tanning  beds (this will literally suck the newly implanted color right out)
- No makeup on eyes for at 3-5 days or until the area has fully flaked from any scabbing

-Wash the lid area with a q-tip with water or a tearless baby soap 2 times a day

-Immediately after cleansing procedure area, apply aftercare lotion that was given to you at the initial appointment. Wipe away any excess. 
- New mascara must be used when makeup is allowed. Use Vaseline or baby oil without rubbing into the liner to remove mascara at the end of the day

-No dyes, perms, or use of eyelash curlers for 2 weeks
-Eyes will be swollen for a few days and may feel dry or irritated for a few days following.




-Keep your procedure out of the sun (this will literally suck the newly implanted color right out)

- Drink through a straw for the first 7-10 days and eat small bites that can be placed in your mouth without touching your lips
- For sanitary purposes replace your pillowcase with a clean pillowcase and place a small towel on the pillow if any oozing should occur

-Avoid stretching your lips while they are healing, big smiles, or puckering with smoking

-Around the 3rd days lips will stop oozing and start peeling. You may relieve chapped lips by using a thick layer of ointment and gently messaging in. Use ointment as much as you need to relieve chapped lip feeling, but do not pick your lips.

-Lips will most likely peel for a week.

-During the peeling process it may look like the color has faded significantly ore even disappeared completely, but color will be more apparent by the 4th week. Final results with lips do not happen until about 2 months post procedure.

-DO NOT use anything on chapped lips made for cold sores or blisters (Carmex, Blistex) They can do more harm than good.
- No kissing until scabs have completely come off.


For all procedures… Avoid

  • Avoid any type of skin peels or products containing Retin-A , retinols, and glycolic acid over the pigmented area at all times.


  • Avoid any makeup over the pigmented area or other topical creams other than the chosen daily moisturizer for healing.


  • Avoid long hot showers/baths (especially if your cosmetic work is in an area that could fully be immersed) Avoid hard direct pounding of water on the treated area when in the shower. Dry the area immediately upon exiting, and apply moisturizer.

  • Avoid soap, cream, or lotions on the pigmented area that are not fragrance free.

  • Avoid swimming, saunas, or hot tubs for 10-14 days after the procedure or until the treated area is fully recovered and healed.


And remember… Do Not

  • Pick, peel, or scratch the pigmented and treated area. This could cause scarring and/or removal of color.


  • Do not touch the area except for cleansing the area or applying aftercare moisturizer.



Final notes

  • The color will appear very intense and dark immediately after your procedure.  This is because the color is sitting on top of your skin, called the dermis. As your skin heals, the top layer will shed and the second layer, called the epidermis, will hold the color. Your final color will be much lighter than the bold color of the initial procedure.  

  • The final color of your procedure will be realized approximately 6-8 weeks after the final visit and final touch up if needed.

  • Always wear sunscreen over your healed procedure (with the exception of eyeliner) because the sun can prematurely fade your color. The goal of post care is always to have the absolute best and beautiful final result.