Pre Care Instructions

The following are some helpful tips about the pre permanent cosmetics procedure, and how to prepare


*Please note: If you are on any prescription retinols,  you must be free of using them for a minimum of 3 months before any procedure.

*For eyeliner: You must be free from use of any lash enhancement serums for a minimum of 6 months


Before your Procedure

  • Don’t drink heavily the night before your procedure; it could thin your blood for the next day.

  • You cannot be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of your tattoo appointment.

  • Drink lots of water – be well hydrated.

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before.

  • If you have any medical condition that requires a doctor’s note beforehand, make sure you have the necessary physician’s authorization form.

  • If your skin is sunburned on the area to be worked on – reschedule your appointment.

  • Have your ID ready and available – it must be State/Federal/Military/Government issued.

  • Consider packing a small bag with bottled water or juice, snacks, a pillow, a small clean blanket.

  • Consider wearing comfortable clothing.  

  • Eat within 2 hours of your cosmetic/tattoo procedure.

  • Avoid caffeinated or energy drinks right before your procedure appointment.

  • Avoid aspirin and/or ibuprofen products for 24-48 hours before your appointment, unless your physician requires it.

  • You will have to fill out paperwork with medical history information.

During your Cosmetic

  • Your specific procedure will take time. Be prepared to sit for a period of time for adequate numbing and lying on a cosmetic procedure bed without moving around during your procedure.

  • You need to stay calm. Let your artist know if you’re nervous or scared, and they can often help by explaining the process to you. You should try to keep your body relaxed, breathe steadily and slowly.

  • Inform your artist if you’re feeling nauseous or dizzy.

  • Pay attention to the instructions your technician gives you during the procedure.

  • Inform your artist if you need to take a short break.

  • If you need to move, stretch, cough, etc. – warn your technician first.

  • Expect to feel tired after your procedure.