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Eye liner is fairly strait forward, but can be one of the more frightening procedures to think about. I can assure you the process of lining eyes is safe, with minimal pain during the procedure. After anesthetics have been applied and color has been picked out, I use a softap hand tool or a rotary machine to gently implant pigment at the eyelash line. I never go under the eyelash line, but work on top.


  • If you wear contacts, they must be removed prior to the procedure​

  • Do you have false eye lashes or extensions? They will have to be removed prior to procedure.​

  • Have you had any eye surgery within a month of your procedure?

  • Do you suffer from dry eye syndrome?




  • Keep your procedure out of the sun and away from tanning  beds (this will literally suck the newly implanted color right out)

  • No makeup on eyes for at 3-5 days or until the area has fully flaked from any scabbing

  • Wash the lid area with a q-tip with water or a tearless baby soap 2 times a day

  • Immediately after cleansing procedure area, apply aftercare lotion that was given to you at the initial appointment. Wipe away any excess. 

  • New mascara must be used when makeup is allowed. Use Vaseline or baby oil without rubbing into the liner to remove mascara at the end of the day

  • No dyes, perms, or use of eyelash curlers for 2 weeks

  • Eyes will be swollen for a few days and may feel dry or irritated for a few days following.

  • Please purchase a gentle tearless cleanser prior to your appointment for aftercare. Johnsons and Johnsons tearless baby bath is recommended. 

Prior to your appointment, please text me a picture (with eyes open looking directly at the camera) of how you normally do your eyeliner. If you have had previous liner work please let me know so we can schedule an in person consultation prior to booking. This will help me better understand your needs and expectations.

*** Make sure to review ALL Pre Care & Post Care Procedures.

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