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The lip procedure can take a little longer than brows and eye liner depending on the size of your lips. Again, anesthetics go on your lips prior to starting and during the process. First, together we will outline your lips in the shape that is appealing to you. Once that is done I will begin the process of lining your lips with a rotary machine using a 1 time use sterilized needle. Once the basic outline is done I will then start shading the inner part of your lips. This is the part that can take some time depending on the size of your lips.


Please remember that permanent cosmetics takes time and care to be done well and correctly. Most initial procedures will take anywhere from 2-2 ½ hours with the possibility of going longer depending on the procedure. Touch ups are generally much shorter in time and can be expected with every cosmetic procedure 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment.  



  • Keep your procedure out of the sun (this will literally suck the newly implanted color right out)

  •  Drink through a straw for the first 7-10 days and eat small bites that can be placed in your mouth without touching your lips

  •  For sanitary purposes replace your pillowcase with a clean pillowcase and place a small towel on the pillow if any oozing should occur

  • Avoid stretching your lips while they are healing, big smiles, or puckering with smoking

  • Around the 3rd days lips will stop oozing and start peeling. You may relieve chapped lips by using a thick layer of ointment and gently messaging in. Use ointment as much as you need to relieve chapped lip feeling, but do not pick your lips.

  • Lips will most likely peel for a week.

  • During the peeling process it may look like the color has faded significantly ore even disappeared completely, but color will be more apparent by the 4th week. Final results with lips do not happen until about 2 months post procedure.

  • DO NOT use anything on chapped lips made for cold sores or blisters (Carmex, Blistex) They can do more harm than good.

  • No kissing until scabs have completely come off.

*** Make sure to review ALL Pre Care & Post Care Procedures.

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